Faire un tabac. Oh these are useful. Client: mobility platform - Country Manager (France) Literally: to have the eyes bigger than the belly. He still hasn’t arrived, there is something wrong. J’ai remplacé son vin par du jus de raisin et il n’y a vu que du feu. En été de nombreux passagers tombent dans les pommes dans le métro parisien à cause de la chaleur. Meaning: “Clocher” is a French verb meaning “to be wrong” as well as the French word for “bell”. Si vous avez des difficultés à vous connecter à votre compte, suivez ces conseils et consultez les problèmes de connexion connus. A peine commencé, ce projet sent déjà le sapin. Les candidats ont tous donné leur langue au chat. J’ai encore perdu mes clefs, j’en ai ras le bol! Another However, it may come from the word “trentain” which used to refer to a luxurious tissue. Mon vieux! You simply add the infinitive of the verb after “en train de” to construct it. So “un froid de canard” is an extremely cold and hostile weather. Build, train and deploy state of the art models powered by the reference open source in natural language processing. Meaning:: In the 16th century, it was common to give money to beggars by throwing it through the window. Meaning: this idiom means that two objects or person look alike. I don’t trust him, something isn’t right. Personalised content and ads can be based on those things and your activity, like Google searches and videos that you watch on YouTube. English counterpart: to take one’s custom elsewhere. The track runs 3 minutes and 51 seconds long with a C key and a major mode. I just wanted to let you know that “avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre” is the same in English (“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”). So lazy in fact that he/she let a hair grow in her/his hand. Meaning: When something “makes a tobacco”, it means it’s extremely successful. Quand il a vu le chien, il a pris ses jambes à son cou. Meaning: This idiom means that you don’t notice something obvious. For some young people, drinking heavily is a game. After drinking heavily, I decided to sleep in. Fais attention/ fais gaffe à ta valise, ou tu risques de la perdre ! Le pauvre, tout le monde casse du sucre sur son dos. Meaning: “Une andouille” is a smoked sausage made of pork and that’s also how you call a person who does something ridiculous in French. ça marche ! English counterpart: to be lazy, can’t be bothered, Je devrais réviser pour mes examens, mais j’ai la flemme. Meaning: when something or someone “prend la tête”, it means it’s irritating, it gives you a headache and you can’t wait to be done with it. Qu’est-ce que vous êtes en train de faire ? Meaning: you use “en avoir marre” when you’ve had enough of something or someone.For example, you’ll often hear French people complain about trains being late and say “j’en ai marre”. Watch your suitcase or you risk losing it! She took your instructions Literally and went on vacation. “filer le bébé” (lit. Tu as l’air triste, qu’est-ce qui se passe ? This French idiom means you are gossiping about someone who isn’t there. Je n’arrive pas à parler aujourd’hui, j’ai un chat dans la gorge. We caught him red-handed as he was about to leave. You are not afraid of other people’s opinion. Meaning: in English, you skip ropes, in French, they fall from the sky. He is sulking because he didn’t get what he wanted. This work is difficult. I am translating La Folle de Chaillot into English. This idiom means you are “sick of it”, you are fed up with something. Yes indeed “le petit coin” is an indirect way of saying “going to the toilet” (rather than bathroom). (ne pas) Vendre la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué. Personalised content and ads include things like more relevant results and recommendations, a customised YouTube homepage, and ads that are tailored to your interests. After teaching French and English in South Korea for 7 months as part of a French government program, he created French Together™ to help English speakers learn the 20% of French that truly matters. Meaning: Ah pine trees, Christmas, happiness…and hum coffins. English counterpart: to tighten one’s belt. Your brother is always acting the fool, it’s exhausting after a while. Learn how it works . Allez, prends ton courage à deux mains et annonce-lui la nouvelle. Sunday is the perfect day to sleep in after a hard week of work. English counterpart: to feel great, to feel happy, to be in high spirits. Les patrons s’en mettent plein les poches, alors que les employés gagnent peu. You can also visit g.co/privacytools at any time. Je crève la dalle depuis une semaine, j’en ai marre. Meaning: When you have “bread on the board”, it means you have a lot to do. C’est du n’importe quoi, ça! Merci. Note: “Crever la dalle” is even more casual than “avoir la dalle”. After partying yesterday night, I woke up with a terrible hangover. Meaning: Tomatoes are red, so is the face of someone who is embarrassed or ashamed of something. Et si tu t’occupais de tes oignons au lieu de lui faire des remarques ? One needs to have the IQ of an oyster not to pass this exam. Meaning:. The expression is “faire mouche”. You can also use “faire attention”. English counterpart: to spice up one’s life. English counterpart: to go up in smoke, to disappear. I called him, but he turned a deaf ear/ pretended he didn’t hear me. Elle roule sur l’or depuis qu’elle a gagné au loto. Literally: to throw a stroke of (the) eye. Tu ne seras jamais heureux si tu cherches toujours la petite bête. Meaning: This idiom means you follow instructions without questioning them, and without doing anything more or less than what you are asked to do. Meaning: This is an idiom you can use to say someone is happy and full of energy. I will go take a look to see what’s not working (lit: going). J’apprécie tes parents, mais j’en ai marre qu’ils mettent toujours leur grain de sel. English counterpart: to carelessly spend money, to waste money, to splurge. Meaning: This is an informal way of saying someone is stupid. Cry detection and "danger zones" set this video baby monitor apart from the rest. Meaning: This idiom means a person is extremely lazy. English counterpart: on an impulse, on a whim. Beaucoup de jeunes ne se sentent pas bien dans leur peau. Elle a pris tes instructions au pied de la lettre et est partie en vacances. We can have a drink if you want. Then you should put spice in your life to try to make it more interesting and fun. Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. English counterpart: to be clueless, to fail to notice something. English counterpart: to be spaced out, to not be with it. Code for training your own . He ran a marathon today, that’s why he’s exhausted. Nathan est triste, parce qu’il s’est pris un râteau. On se voit à 10 heures devant la sortie 2 du métro Etoile demain ? When you can do something “les doigts dans le nez”, it means it’s easy to do. The more you know, the harder it will be to lie to you, Tu ne devrais pas lui faire confiance, il raconte souvent des salades. The Cubo AI smart baby monitor has covered face and rollover alerts. English counterpart: to be all dressed up. English counterpart: to go straight to the point. Meaning: this is an informal expression the French use all the time to say they agree. Answer in the comments below! Meaning: When a situation “turns to vinegar”, it means it’s getting out of control. When he saw the dog, he started running for his life. Mes rêves sont partis en fumée quand tu es partie. It popped up again . English counterpart: to cost an arm and a leg / to cost a fortune. Le facteur n’avait pas l’air dans son asiette hier. Meaning: In France, we often say that “Les absents ont toujours tort”, which means that people who aren’t there are always wrong. English counterpart: to pack up and go, to leave suddenly, Prends tes cliques et tes claques, je ne veux plus te voir, Pack up and go, I don’t want to see you anymore. Ça fait plus de trois heures qu’elle pleure comme une madeleine, je me demande quand elle va arrêter. I don’t know. According to VentureBeat, Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has developed a state-of-the-art "de-identification" system that works on video, including even live video. We're connecting people to what they care about, powering new, meaningful experiences, and advancing the state-of-the-art through open research and accessible tooling. But this idiom actually means that someone leaves suddenly and unexpectedly. Akhenaton France Delabel 1997 Il n’est toujours pas arrivé, il y a quelque chose qui cloche. Meaning: If you don’t work on a Thursday, you may as well not work on Friday and just enjoy a 4 day weekend. English counterpart: to talk about someone behind his/her back. Meaning: “to turn the page”, means you forget about the past and move on. While the French don’t do that anymore, the expression remained and means wasting money. Découvrez comment récupérer un ancien compte Facebook auquel vous ne pouvez pas vous connecter. to drive crazy. I think I came across one something like “elle fait le mouche” and it was the French equivalent of “she hit the nail on the head”. Thanks for this information :). J’ai décidé de mettre du piment dans ma vie, je pars en Afrique demain. Meaning: No, this idiom has nothing to do with stretching. Literally: to take one’s legs to one’s neck. Your brother annoys me with his questions. In modern French, “pleurer comme une Madeleine” means “to cry a lot”, so much that it could be considered too much. The expression “être au taquet” means that something is blocking you, but in a positive way, meaning that you could not be in a better situation. The French are fed up with their president. .”ce type ne t’arrive pas à la cheville, crois-moi” apparently! It is still commonly used in french. Literally: to not go there with a dead hand. Meaning: This violent idiom means that someone is annoying someone else. Meaning: This French expression means someone or something is in a bad state. According to the weather forecast, it will be raining cats and dogs for the whole week. When she found her baby’s face accidentally covered by his bib, she could not sleep peacefully for months. English counterpart: To have a frog in one’s throat. Sorry! Tu peux y jeter un coup d’oeil plus tard si tu manques de temps. It can also be used double-time at 194 BPM. English counterpart: to be going flat out, to be going full throttle, to be full on. I updated the article accordingly. And, we’re worrying about the same things - we worry what happens if it doesn’t work and we worry what happens if it does work. This has the same meaning as “en avoir marre”. C’est normal que tu ne te rappelles de rien, t’as bu comme un trou hier. unoradiguardia » Hip-Hop » Akhenaton - J'ai Pas De Face / Rien A Perdre. Il a un poil dans la main, c’est pour ça qu’il ne réussit pas. Meaning: When you have “le cafard”, it means you’re depressed, you are feeling down. Quand tu rentres dans une patisserie, c’est dur ne pas avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre. That’s the kind fear someone afraid of flying or afraid of spiders would experience. It’s often used in negative sentences to say you shouldn’t bother too much with something. Meaning: This is an informal way of saying that someone is beautiful (or hot) or that an object is cool. I don’t give a shit about what you think. English counterpart: to mind one’s own business. Je vais jeter un coup d’oeil pour voir ce qui ne va pas. Could you tell me an expression for “I didn’t sign up for this”, please? English counterpart; to put two cents in. Every year, lots of tourists fall into the trap and buy fake diamond rings. Le président a d’autres chats à fouetter et n’a pas le temps de s’occuper de vos problèmes. Meaning: Are you bored? Tu ne devineras jamais qui j’ai vu dans la rue aujourd’hui. Quand j’ai entendu ça, la moutarde m’est montée au nez. I like “revenons à nos moutons”. Note: “ça marche” can also be used literally to say something is working. Meaning: When something “isn’t pie”, it means it’s difficult. You look sad, what’s going? Almost :). Google Images. Meaning: “Avoir la flemme” simply means “to be lazy”. Il n’est pas encore sorti de l’auberge, il lui reste beaucoup à faire. Merci, Seeking better baby safety technology, Joanna, together with a pediatrician, A.I. etre sur son 31 is also linked to the 31st of december because it is new year eve and everyone dress “formal”! In French, we say that this person “cherche la petite bête”. Learn more about Quest 2, our most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. Je suis parti pour l’Australie sur un coup de tête. Meaning: When you ask someone to take care of his onions, you actually politely (or not depending on the tone) ask them to stop bothering you and to mind their own business. This article will help you discover 100 common French idioms. Elle a pris son courage a deux mains et a demandé une augmentation. English counterpart: to cast a glance, to take a look. Un peu comme un Martien en fait. Ce livre a fait un tabac. For example, if you plan to meet someone during the week, but don’t know when exactly, you may say “je te tiens au courant”. I would like to know more as well. I ask this because (je suis désolée pour dit ça !) It first appeared in 1889 but its origin remains uncertain. English counterpart: to be/feel under the weather. Ce travail, c’est vraiment pas de la tarte. I have no idea, I give my tongue to the cat. Il fait la tête car il n’a pas eu ce qu’il voulait. English counterpart: to run for one’s life. Wow. Ce n’est pas de la tarte, mais ça vaut le coup. Excuse-moi, j’ai oublié qu’on se voyait aujourd’hui, je suis à l’ouest. J’aime les gens qui vont droit au but et ne tournent pas autour du pot. He feels (looks likes he feels) great today, it makes me happy. Merci en avance ! Many teenagers don’t feel comfortable with themselves. Take a big spoon of strong mustard and swallow it. I heard a French expression/idiom that in English translation was “I’m beautiful and I don’t even try”. English counterpart: to be raining cats and dogs. N’importe quoi! English counterpart: to bite off more than you can chew. I like people who go straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. You shouldn’t trust him, he often talks bullshit. So when it was the “end of the beans”, there was nothing left  at all. Then you know what a wooden face feels like since “gueule de bois” is the translation of hangover. I was tired of this cheese maker, so I go to another one now. You just discovered the wonderful world of French idioms. English counterpart: to be as red as a beetroot. So nothing to do with socks at all – no wonder it didn’t ring any bells! Je me suis fait larguer par mon copain. He has been gone for five years, it’s time to move on. Ton frère fait toujours l’andouille, c’est fatigant à force. English counterpart: to be hot, to fit the standard of beauty. Using Tyco AI, Illustra Insight can simultaneously recognize and make decisions about multiple faces in the camera’s field of view. It actually means someone is running for his life and leaving as quickly as possible. In summer, lots of passengers faint in the Parisian subway, because of the heat. He is lazy, that’s why he doesn’t succeed. Thanks for your help, I would say, “to raise a thorny issue” or “to bring up a prickly subject.”, no. Le coup de foudre a été immédiat quand elle a entendu cette chanson. The candidates all gave their tongue to the cat/ admitted they didn’t know the answer and gave up. The most comprehensive image search on the web. No expression comes to mind but I will let you know if I remember. Meaning: In the world of French idioms, love can be rather painful and love at first sight is called “un coup de foudre”. Meaning: Nowadays “la dalle” mostly means “the slab”, but it used to designate a part of the throat. Don't panic. English counterpart: to drink like a fish, to drink heavily. Thank you for taking your time to write these up. When you walk in a bakery, it’s hard not to bite more than you can chew. On fait quoi ce soir ? I should be studying for my exams, but I can’t be bothered. Rien de mieux que des vacances au soleil pour avoir la pêche. English counterpart: to talk bullshit, to spin a yarn. “Se faire larguer” (to get dumped) is the passive form. Literally: to throw the money through the windows.