Višina - zaprto: 35 cm. Design Made in Italy means quality, originality and style. Odpiranje in vstopanje/izstopanje iz zadnje strani vozila. Art. N.B. Beware of imitations. OL/06A. Le système de fixation exclusif Autohome permet de fixer les tentes sur tout type de véhicule: petites voitures, tous-terrains, breaks, monospaces, camping-cars, fourgons, pick-ups… Un système universel, rapide et sûr qui, au moyen de barres de toit, permet de fixer la tente dans la position souhaitée, sans aucun risque ni modification à la carrosserie. Cabine vestiaire. Autohome. Ever since then our hard shell roof top tents have been the choice of expeditions on all seven continents. Le revêtement intérieur du toit avec double paroi est une exclusivité Autohome. Air-Camping est depuis toujours, synonyme de tente de toit en tissu. Teléfono fijo: 00376 81 44 40 With his professional skills, he is well-known for his expertise in the sector and someone who personally tests his products and is familiar with the opinions of his clients. A significant homage to the products her himself uses on his adventure trips. Elle fut brevetée en 1959 et elle est depuis 1961 une marque déposée au niveau international. 4 clamps are provided as standard for simple, easy mounting according to the rules. I could sum it up like this: an Autohome tent is the best investment a traveller can make. Réf . - Changing room available in the 3 Overland colours: Carbon, Safari, Bordeaux and blue for the exclusive Air-Camping range. Significant improvements over the standard Maggiolina models include a longer mattress (now 80″—6’8″ of stretch out space! I recommend it for its dual use, because it is perfect for quick trips and can be used as a changing room over longer stays. Some people still don’t really understand the difference a roof tent can make and here, the quality of products like Autohome is very persuasive. The mechanical flywheel is safe and doesn’t require maintenance. According to our testers’ experience, we have understood that also Overland verandah shall be independent. Se selezioni "Continuare" o accedi a qualunque contenuto presente sul nostro sito senza definire le tue scelte, acconsenti all'utilizzo dei cookie. 2. Accessoires Air-Camping / Overland. The fabric is simply folded and turned up so the rain can run off smoothly outside the tent. Manchmal kommt es vor, dass eine Marke einer Firma einen solchen Bekanntheitsgrad erlangt, dass der Markenname selbst für eine ganze Produktpalette verwendet wird. Four strong folding feet keep the tent raised some 25cm off the ground protecting the base of the tent from water, condensation and insects. Velikost: 180 x 220 cm. Use when there is no wind. In reality the Air-Camping fabric tent is just the one manufactured by Autohome and still made according to the original design and manufacturing processes. It is resistant to longitudinal tearing but also to tearing in the oblique direction. Véranda indépendante. Suitable for people, who “never stop”: practical and lightweight accessory, it can also be used as a small verandah thanks to its zip. Ouverture et entrée latérales. At that time everyone else was camping on the ground! That is why it is used for fiberglass vessels which need to withstand an aggressive salty environment and multiple situations of stress. Odpiranje in vstopanje/izstopanje iz zadnje strani vozila. Home > Produits > Accessoires > Accessoires Air-Camping / Overland. Produits similaires au AUTOHOME Tente de Toit Maggiolina Airlander Small Gris. The built-in all-purpose clamp system developed by Autohome – running in the C-shaped guides in the base of the tent – provide quick anchorage to the roof rack. After solidifying, fiberglass is incredibly strong and light. Quiet nights in marshy areas, near watercourses, on the banks of rivers or in areas where the presence of microscopic mosquitoes is very high. But with Autohome, it does. Plasticized surfaces should not be stitched because the stitching makes holes which tend to get bigger and bigger. Since I use Autohome roof tents so much, I think I can be considered a top tester. 2 - The ladder is permanently connected to the base of the tent and allows to open quickly the tent with no effort (h closed: cm 110 – h open: cm 230). Today too, Akis is working on numerous projects as a partner of auto makers, photographer and publicist, in particular as a freelance correspondent for travel magazines and the adventure car industry. Tough and long-lasting, this design appeals for other reasons—it is dust and waterproof, and offers minimal air resistance while traveling. Stowing for travel is quick and easy. The mosquito net has an extraordinary blackout feature that provides more privacy to the occupants of the tent. Prilagoditev na zahtevo stranke. Akis is a journalist by profession, specializing in travel, motor sports and adventure activities. A rubber ring silences the movement of the zip cursor even in high winds and makes zipping and unzipping even easier. Air-Camping: to live a magical adventure to the full. It is resistant to UV rays, saline environment and temperature changes. Il sito utilizza i cookie (tecnici propri e di profilazione di terze parti) per garantirti una migliore esperienza di navigazione e per offrirti, quando sei online, accesso alle funzionalità offerte dai principali social network. The bottom shell is double fiberglass with foam sandwich for strength, rigidity, and cold weather insulation and is fitted with a luxurious, 3½” thick closed cell foam mattress. Avec thermostat et indicateur de présence Air-Camping. ... Today he is a consolidated reference especially in the world of Land Rovers, because, as everyone knows, his soul always travels and lives in a Defender. Filet élastique perméable et anti-condensation en polypropylène très léger, qui ne se déforme pas et permet à l'air de passer entre le matelas et la base de la tente. There are many different tent materials and systems available on the market, which give rise to problems or provide benefits according to their quality and workmanship. Since 1958 they have created a whole range of innovations and successful products. : when travelling all ladders can be placed inside the closed tent except the EXTRA LONG ladder, which is too large for the shell. Exactly the same colours requested by Nino Cirani, and used for 30 years on his famous vehicle based raids and expeditions. Once you have removed the cover, the tent opens in three seconds, simply by pulling down and lowering the ladder. HI-TECH innovative blackout quality mosquito nets are installed on the entire series of shell blinds. 7,5 cm 7,5 cm. It is greatly appreciated by users of 4WD vehicles and tall vans. Estos modelos ofrecen el mayor espacio interior, junto a la posibilidad de ser instaladas en “Modo Explorer” (solo para tamaños Small y Médium). Art. Nous proposons une gamme complète de tentes de toit Autohome. In the past, I have given technical and theoretical rather than practical advice, but now it’s the other way round. An original Italian invention from 1958 (see historical leaflet) the Autohome vehicle roof top tent has been the companion of adventurers, explorers and travellers around the world for well over fifty years. Paolo Marin, born in the Veneto region of Italy but, by choice, a citizen of the world, is the founder of the well-known and much appreciated Photo Challenge "A trip everyone can manage". Paying homage to the history of rooftop tents, the Air Camping fabric tent is still made in Italy in the Autohome factory according to the original design and manufacturing processes. Autohome isn’t only a successful trademark, it’s the best way to live the outdoor life safely and comfortably: whether with a small car for a quiet weekend with the family or with a powerful off-road vehicle for an adventure pushing the limits of what is possible. The two windows with legendary Gidion design from 1959 are perfectly fitted to the side walls, without jutting or going out of shape. Useful in campsites and residential areas that do not allow vehicles to enter during the night. Posso dire prima di tutto che sono tende eccellenti nell’uso e offrono grande vivibilità interna. Réf . Originally patented in 1959, and since 1961 has held an International Brand Patent.Sometimes it happens that a company brand is so well-known that the name refers to an entire product category (the vacuum cleaner for example). More than 70 types of fittings, in different sizes and colours. After a long career as a tester and documentary writer, he decided to turn his dreams into reality by travelling the world. Side positioning: the tent will occupy only half of the car roof space. Lying in bed, a rope operates the window like shutters at home and you don’t need to leave the tent to close the windows. THE ORIGINAL BY AUTOHOME® Air-Camping is a synonym of roof top tents in fabric. OL/04A. With the anchoring and fixing systems used by Autohome the fabric can be changed simply and easily. 2. Today, the concept is largely but not completely accepted. Prilagoditev na zahtevo stranke. The mosquito net is resistant to different environmental is resistant to different environmental conditions. 1 - Two mounting channels on the underside of the tent base, plus locking clamps, enable a quick installation of the tent on any vehicles roof bars or rack, they also allow you to customize the opening system: Standard or Explorer. 1 - The travel over-cover can be quickly removed by the single elastic tensioner. Originally patented in Italy in 1959, the first canvas folding rooftop tent was named "Air-Camping". After all, in his career which started far back in 1990, he has been accompanied by many titles and appellations: engineer, tour leader, maestro… But he is always the one and only Roberto “the wizard” of the mechanics shop, capable of transforming a vehicle into something that will be able to withstand challenges reaching beyond imagination. Ladder dimensions: h closed: cm 110 – h open: cm 230. It is not permitted to make changes to the roof rack. Livraison offerte* ... Les tentes des gammes Maggiolina et Air Camping sont alors les premières tentes de toit à être brevetées et produites en série. Air-Camping is the only roof tent with the trademark: fitted with wind-proof windows (for silent nights) easily opened from inside the tent, a mid grey fabric roof with dark blue side panels and yellow mosquito netting protection. Quickly attached, by Velcro strips, and removed, it can also provide additional protection in the most extreme of conditions. 9,5 cm 9,5 cm. The whole installation can be completed without further drilling or modification. All of the above have made these tents legendary and enabled true motoring adventure. Fabrics used: DRALON® and AIRTEX®, Tent models opening with gas springs fitted into 2 lifting poles on the sides. The density also helps to make the tent silent even when buffeted by the wind: there is no noisy flapping or turbulence.The special Air-Camping fabric is manufactured exclusively by Autohome with features that are able to match up to the toughest military specifications. 3. It is incomparable to the standard and it features an innovative weave so fine that it does not allow the passage of any kind of insects. This is an Overland tent but with a telescopic pole for the entrance creating an area sheltered from the rain. Sa configuration particulière assure le maximum d'adhérence même pendant le voyage. Sa configuration particulière assure le maximum d'adhérence même pendant le voyage. Airtop opens with gas springs fitted into the 4 lifting arms, in pairs on both sides of the tent. And yet it did! 9 cm 9 cm. Just as a tree is nourished by the soil in which it is rooted, so Autohome draws from the skills and creativity of the territory, its art and culture. Akis Temperidis is one of the greatest of all contemporary travellers. Only the colours of the fabric change. Višina - odprto: 125 cm. Piedini a terra . Today, as then, they are without the complicated fringes, poles or other features used by competitors. OLC/07A for cars, Art. Gradually, she fell in love with the freedom of adventure travel and shared the dream of Akis Temperidis to travel the world for nearly four years. 5,5 cm 5,5 cm. The story of Vula Netou and how she took up adventure travel is fascinating. Οι σκηνές οροφής αυτοκινήτων είναι μια ιταλική εφεύρεση, που κατασκευάστηκε για πρώτη φορά το 1958. Descubra todos nuestros campings Villages con una ubicación ideal en España y váyase de vacaciones al camping de su elección. The essential feature for any tent used for camping is the fabric used, which of course has a cost but provides long-term advantages to the user. The most important thing about a tent is obviously the fabric and with AIR-CAMPING by Autohome you can be sure you are getting the best there is. The width (SMALL /MEDIUM /LARGE) depends on the number of occupants. The Air Top ™ is our newest design—with the instant deployment of the Columbus models and the interior space of the Maggiolina. No ball or balloon effect which would be noisy and stretch and strain the stitching. After exhausting tests on the field, the Wizard of the auto workshop declared: “A very innovative closure makes the concept of functionality in the sector take a giant leap forward. For many years, Bernd Woick has managed shops specializing in outdoor clothing, tents and technical products for trekking, mountaineering and adventure travel. Autohome. Air-Camping ist seit jeher Synonym für textile Autodachzelte. Without the flywheel the shells cannot be opened or closed. The large doors are fitted with mosquito net and can be closed on both sides by a zip. The result is a compact tent which doesn’t flap in the breeze, like the rivals of Autohome®. As unlike conventional and unreliable fabrics – common in the mass market and discount stores - as possible. Another added value which today is particularly important is pride in a product that bears the “Made in Italy” label, with exclusively Italian and some European suppliers. KIT NUIT POUR TENTE DE TOIT AUTOHOME AIR-CAMPING / OVERLAND. Because of her legendary round the world tour, she can be considered an ideal tester, particularly in relation to the needs of women on arduous journeys of this kind. Réf . The result is a quiet, healthy environment when it rains. The rubber is sewn into the fabric. These are models that open and close with a handwheel, using 4 lifting poles, two at the front and 2 at the rear. Without noisy fans, air conditioners, suction devices and the like. The advantages of fiberglass shells include great strength, their weight (up to 20% less than conventional shells), heat insulation and their ability to withstand huge changes in temperature. I know from experience that Autohome roof tents last longer and provide far more protection than any other in the sector. It will be available from September. This is safe and prolongs the life of the tent. They make cars more useful and competitive compared to the alternatives for sleeping at night. Everything is designed to withstand the wind and the “sail” effect: the roof is stitched directly to the walls with nothing dangling. Depuis 1964, ces modèles de tente de toit se distinguent par leur originalité, leur forme et leur simplicité de montage. Take a look at the fabric at the base of the tent, which should not be stitched, because this is where water could seep through. Close the tent, remove the flywheel and it is just like locking your front door. Tekstilni strešni šotor - prava legenda med strešnimi šotori. A production process of every single roof top tent is based on master craftsmanship and industry, characterized by high-quality materials, aesthetic taste, a care for detail, sensitivity to beauty and durability, making Autohome a leading and excellent participant in international competition. The shells are hand-made with brushes and rollers, the best technique for multi-layers. Each one comprises two halves, one sliding over the other, held together by Arnitel supports: an extremely strong plastic designed and manufactured by Autohome® to ensure sand, dirt or mud is not trapped in the sliding mechanism and the ladder works perfectly in all conditions. OLC/08A off-road vehicles and vans. load 25 Kg. Originally patented in 1959, and since 1961 has held an International Brand Patent.Sometimes it happens that a company brand is so well-known that the name refers to an entire product category. It is breathable and does not require the support of additional bulky sheeting. The overall length of 220 cm provides optimum comfort. Le coloris choisi protège des premières lueurs du jour. Can be left in situ when closing the tent. D E. A B. C. 4. No holes are to be drilled in the roof bars to secure the tent. An explorer at the cutting edge, open to dialogue and capable of strong friendships: unsurprisingly, he is an excellent cultural and technical advisor. Air-camping Large. No tedious manual operations to stretch out the tent or fold up support arms every time the tent is opened or closed. K/N-ACOVL-L. 195,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 KIT) Voir Commander. Not surprisingly it one of the features that has contributed over the yeas to the success of Maggiolina Autohome®, a product may have tried to imitate. Autohome has been increasingly successful for us even with the most demanding and expert clients. Precio mostrado con impuestos de Andorra, recogida en Andorra. More than 200 hours of film are available, edited into a docufilm released the world over. Various fixing kits are available to suit. Manchmal kommt es vor, dass eine Marke einer Firma einen solchen Bekanntheitsgrad erlangt, dass der Markenname selbst für eine ganze Produktpalette verwendet wird. Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature. Bodenstandfüss . Air-Camping is ‘the’ fabric roof tent. Nos Accessoires/Tentes de toit Tentes sans coque Tente de Toit Air-Camping Tente de toit Air-Camping P000800 Fidèle à elle-même depuis 30 ans ! Autohome strešni šotor AIR-CAMPING. Unhooked, the fabric is taut and unwrinkled, as experts have repeatedly testified. For some vehicles the tent can be attached directly to the vehicle roof runners. Opening with 3 adjustable ribs supporting the fabric. Overnight, on average, we lose about a third of a litre of water, in normal conditions, and this water vapour may become condensation. 11 cm 11 cm. Autohome. After removing the PVC cover, these tents open like a book, easily and without complication, using the ladder as leverage. two adults and two children. Excellent choice but unluckily this item is sold out. Réputées pour leur résistance, les tentes Autohome se décline en plusieurs gammes comme la gamme bien connue de tentes Maggiolina. The insulated roof uses the same principle as applied by the building industry to the rooftops over lofts: an air cushion is created forming an interspace connecting the inside and outside, providing extra insulation against the cold and noise, but also keeping off the heat and humidity. The AirCap intake is at the top of the canvas, sheltered from the weather and protected by a mosquito net, improving ventilation and preventing the formation of condensation. Air-camping. Teža: cca. It is a reconfirmation of the commitment and top quality which makes Autohome stand out even with regards to the technological elements.” Take the word of the guru. Le "Kit nuit" est l'ensemble original et complet d'accessoires de lit en accord avec le style et la qualité Autohome. And yet he really masters technology! I’ve always believed in the concept of a roof tent The advantages of an excellent roof tent are so obvious it seems strange that it took so long for the idea to be accepted. It can handle just about anything. The sponge rubber, with removable polyester/cotton lining, is comfortable and does not go out of shape. For example, the roof - the most delicate part - is sewn directly to the side walls all along the perimeter. In reality the Air-Camping fabric tent is just the one manufactured by Autohome and still made according to the original design and manufacturing processes. The same attention we paid to dynamic security was also given to the quality of sleep. All particulars, from the design concept, materials and components, to the safety features and insulation, have been methodically chosen and thoroughly tested in order to obtain an all-weather proof product reliable at all times. - The winter hood, for extra protection against rain, wind or cold. They do not go out of shape during opening and closing of the tent or under load, with people inside. A free spirit and innovator, he has worked on projects and in situations that later became a must for adventure travel. 4 - The removable inner elastic cords (supplied) make folding the fabric much simpler. R/TOP - M cm 220x225 Perfectly in line with the well-known practicality, Autohome has created an awning that is both strong and easy to fit. The breathable fabric reduces the heat inside the tent and, above all, keeps the tent dry, preventing condensation and unpleasant odours. The experience of adventure in the desert becomes a style. The steps are oval with anti-slip surface and can be climbed with bare feet. The 2 windows are fitted with a Rain Cover allowing partial opening even in the rain, essential for a natural change of air round the clock. The ladder has no fixed position at the base of the tent and so can be placed to the left or right or at the centre of the entrance, as you wish, depending on the opening of the vehicle door. The built-in strut has the dual function of preventing oscillation and protecting the vehicle roof or drip surface (where the ladder is used, for example, with a Lan Rover Defender). Autohome. These are generally used only to hide condensation inside the tent, without reducing it (something non-experts may not immediately realize). Attachment bars for motor cars with fitted rails. Capuchon hivernal. Find out about them now! Strapped the roof rack, the Autohome Air Top looks like any other aerodynamic rooftop cargo carrier, just slimmer. The gas springs are fitted with Windstops to lock the spring supporting the upper shell, making for greater stability in strong winds. Only Autohome incorporates this high-quality feature. The installation can be customized and adapted to roof racks of different sizes and distances between the bars, without the need for cumbersome changes or holes in the tent shell. Unlike conventional paints used for bodywork, Gelcoat is applied thickly in the mould during stratification, so it amalgamates perfectly with the fiberglass. 1959 patentiert, ist Air-Camping seit 1961 eine international eingetragene Marke. Each tent has effective and reliable fabric which is strong and thick enough to provide stability. Purchasing an Air-Camping roof top tent gives you guaranteed access to 50 years’ experience of desert, jungle and glaciers, where every component has been tested in extreme conditions. Every single Autohome product has been studied in detail and carried out by utilizing the most suitable materials for its expected use. Easy opening and closing, without any complicated mechanism. This is why Autohome® doesn’t customize the paintwork. Each window has dual closing with an outer and inner blind. The closed tent can contain 2,3 or 4 pillows, depending on the model, and night-time accessories. The most exclusive AIRTOP available only from the Autohome Official Shop. 65 Kg. You can fit: Small + Small, Medium + Small or Medium + Medium on large vehicl. Indeed, he was one of the first travellers in the 90s to severely test Autohome products in Asia, contributing to the beginning of adventure travel in the Far East. A positionner sous le matelas pour permettre à l'air de passer entre le matelas et la base de la tente. Flywheel opening is acknowledged as safe, reliable and durable. But, on request, a particular shade of Gelcoat can be chosen from international colour charts (for orders of 70/100 units). Jürg Sollberger is a traveller who has often done things ahead of time. 4. The “Security Lock” and attachment at the top of the ladder ensure that, climbing up or down, there is no weight on the tent. Opening and entrance at the side of the vehicle. 914,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 PIECE) Voir Commander. A strong tear-proof hood protects the tent when it is closed and while travelling. Pay attention not to lose them! Produits conseillés. Stowing for travel is quick and easy. You might think that such a man is solitary, a true loner, but Jürg is quite the opposite: to begin with, he is accompanied on his adventures by Doris Sollberger, who shares his achievements. 1. Autohome® fabric is quite extraordinary: heavy in order to be strong to withstand the wind, yet waterproof and breathable: the absolute best for a tent, whether used in a campsite or on an adventure trip. The figures speak for themselves: 168,000 km covered in 1,177 days, visiting 67 countries in 5 continents. For the past thirty years, he has contributed to Italian and international magazines, worked in TV as a test driver, technician, sportsman and travel reporter. No “flying” and no flapping. 6. ouvert : 180 x 220 x 125 cm. Their tents are the biggest sellers the world over, which is unusual because quality doesn’t usually coincide with quantity. ... Assurez-vous de ne pas rater les Salons, les Evénements et les offres voyages vacances organisés par le Club Autohome. Not impressed by the huge variety of ladders on the market, Autohome® produces its own ad hoc aluminium ladders to tight specifications: light, compact, a perfect match with the tent. There is an absolute minimum of stitching and no plasticized materials are used. [ da « Elaborare 4×4 » ] Overcamp, Overland, Columbus e Maggiolina, i vari modelli di tende da tetto prodotti da Autohome, sono conosciuti dagli appassionati fuoristradisti da […] This combination of professional experience and passion makes him an ideal tester for Autohome products. Hence the importance of the fabric. The reasons for the worldwide success are based on a strong local artistic and cultural tradition. The C-shaped steel rails integrated into the bases of all Autohome models strengthen the structure and make it possible to fix the tent to the roof bars by means of special clamps. Autohome. 2. 10 cm 10 cm. Autohome® windows are safe, do not flap or swell up and, above all, are not noisy in the wind: ideal for a good night’s sleep whether there is a light breeze or a howling gale. The windows also counter the wind effect and are flush with the walls, so do not billow. OL/04A - cm 200 x 200 x h 240. Now with more than 60 years engineering and constructing premium tents, we know what works. Air-Camping comes fitted with wind -resistant windows that are ideal for quiet nights. THE ORIGINAL BY AUTOHOME® Air-Camping ist seit jeher Synonym für textile dachzelt. The standard clamps slide along the C-shaped rails to fix the tent in the desired position. All tents are fully independent for easy installation on the car roof. Mid-century modern design in unlikely spaces—from iconic Airstreams to spacious Tents—means you can relax in comfort, while still feeling deeply connected to the land. From its creation, I’ve watched Autohome grow and followed its developments through the products I sell in my specialist stores.